Work Accident Injury

If you’ve been injured in an accident at work, you could be entitled to compensation. Aston Gowman has specialist lawyers who can offer free initial assessment of your case and legal representation.

Almost all of our Employers Liability claims are dealt with on No Win, No Fee basis, so you are never at a financial risk. 

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Employers Liability Claim

If you believe you were injured at work due to no fault of your own, and you believe that your employer/contractor was at fault for causing you pain and suffering then we can help you claim compensation for your losses. We can help you recover compensation for your injuries, any loss of earnings as a result of the injury, and future losses as well as arrange first-class rehabilitation to aid those injuries.

Who can claim

The law states that you can make a claim under “Employers Liability” rules if you were an employee either full time or part time, or even on temporary basis. In addition, a self-employed contractor and a visitor of the business can also make a claim for injury compensation arising out of workplace injury. Call us on 0333 344 7277 for your free initial consultation. 

Type of Workplace Accidents

An accident at work can take form of a trip over exposed wires or a serious accident resulting from a flawed practice or unsuitable machinery. Below are more specific examples:

a) Accidents in an Office
Offices are considered relatively safe places of work, however poor management and lack of health and safety compliance can lead to accidents. THe most common type is from slipping over a wet floor, tripping over an object or falling from unsafe positions/furniture.

You can also be injured by using a faulty monitor i.e. eye strains, repetitive strain injuries, migraines and other pain related injuries from unsafe apparatus. 

        b) Accidents on Industrial Sites/Construction Sites 
Industrial sites include factories and warehouses, and because you are working with industrial machinery and in a relatively exposed environment, you must be provided a certain type of uniform, and your employer must follow strict Health & Safety guidelines set by the Government to keep you safe on an unsafe industrial site. 

The most common type of accidents include faulty machinery, lack training resulting in injury, manual handling, lifting heavy goods, falls from ladders, slips and trips. 

For construction site related injuries, you could be exposed to toxic materials such as asbestos. 

        c) Other Types of Workplace Accidents 
Accidents while at duty with the Military, Navy or Air Force
Agricultural Accidents 

How Aston Gowman can help you

As your lawyer, our first port of call would be to find a fundamental breach of duty that was owed to you as an employee. Usually accidents and injuries at work are caused due to lack of or complete absence of Health & Safety practices. 

If such breaches are to be found on your employer, then the rest of the process is straightforward as it usually only revolves around quantifying your losses. The following is a brief list of losses you can claim:

  • Loss of income, including future losses
  • Changes to your working ability
  • Medical, Rehabilitation and Carer costs
  • Travel and Accommodation costs

Any other loss which can be linked to the accident which has in some way either caused you a loss, discomfort, pain or is likely to cause a loss in the future can be claimed. 

How much will it cost

The simple answer is: Nothing

You will enter into a “No Win No Fee” agreement, and we will not charge a single penny upfront. We will take the risk and invest in your case using our state of the art resources. You will only pay us once your claim is successful and you have received your compensation. Full terms and conditions of such an arrangement will be provided and explained before we represent you. 

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