Accidents in Public Spaces

If you've been injured in an accident which took place in a public place such as a Shop, Supermarket, Car Park or in an Office then you can make a claim for compensation. Call our Lawyers today to get free initial advice on your claim. 

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What is a Public Liability Claim?

All businesses and organisations where general members of the public have open access carry a duty of care to the same public attending their premises. They have a duty to provide a safe place by eliminating risk and hazards from their premises. 

Similarly, a Local Council has a duty to the members of the public to provide safe roads and pavements which are free from dangerous obstructions.

Who can claim

Any member of the public who has a right of way within the premises of the public body, business or organisation, their employees or any other employees or members of the public visiting the public place or an office. 

Types of Public Liability Claims

  • Slips, Trips and Falls
  • Dog Bites
  • Sports/Gym Accidents
  • Supermarket Accidents
  • Offices Accidents
  • Public Footpath Accidents

How much will it cost

The simple answer is: Nothing
You will enter into a “No Win No Fee” agreement, and we will not charge a single penny upfront. We will take the risk and invest in your case using our state of the art resources. You will only pay us once your claim is successful and you have received your compensation. Full terms and conditions will be provided and explained before we start representing you. 

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